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SBF 2020 FAQ


Q: Is it all ages? 

A: Yes


Q: Where will it be?

A: We booked 3 venues. The Rock Box, Vibes Event Center, and the Underground, making it one giant venue. It’s right across the street from spaghetti warehouse. 


Q: What is there to do at Super Bitfest? 

A: Lots of things! Here’s just a few. 

-Watch live Nerdcore music

-Play video games 

-Pokémon Snap IRL 

-Smash a Car

-Enjoy some live art 



Q: Is there parking? 

A: Yes, there are at least 4 parking lots in the area. 


Q: What time does it start? 

A: 4pm for GA, 3:30 for legendary pass holders 


Q: What’s a legendary pass? 

A: It’s the pass that adds an adventure to your quest at Super Bitfest. It includes a t-shirt, tote bag with loot drops, a special map, and a game boy cart badge! 


Q: Is Cosplay allowed? 

A: Absolutely, in fact, it’s encouraged.


Q: Are props allowed? 

A: Yes, but only props. No real weapons! Each prop will be observed and tagged at the front. 


Q: Will there be a cosplay contest? 

A: Yes, please refer to the website for the rules and guidelines. Tons of prizes! 

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